Why My Template or Theme got rejected??

When someone puts lot of effort on something with dreams like Himalaya to get out of it and theme get rejected. Very first thing which comes to mind is this marketplace is a scam. I put lot of time and effort and they can’t see my creativity. My item is better than ABC item etc etc bla bla….

But when he calms down and asks others to have look on his masterpiece he comes to know how many things he had missed which were key ingredients of that template or theme. Then he realizes he should make improvements before screaming on different forums and making false claims about different well known marketplaces. Most of the time people ignore following things to bring those up to required standards.

Come up with something unique:

Whenever you start something to design or develop to make money out of it then keep in mind one thing it shouldn’t be a copy of something already there on any marketplace because if something is already inn in market why people come to your item and purchase it. Its only possible when you bring something unique, something different and classy.  Otherwise you are going waste your time if you are creating a clone of something.

Try to fulfill some need:

Try to figure out some need of people which is being ignored by other designer/developer. For example if some has not created a template or theme of clinical appointments management. Go for it you will have 99.9% chances to get it accepted.

Aesthetic ingredients:

Once you have find something unique started working on it your 60% job is done but its not over still other things left which you must keep in mind while designing or developing some item. Your theme must have aesthetic ingredients. You might have heard this word aesthetic hundred time, what is it??? Aesthetic is a sense of a human being which tells him/her oh this is really awesome thing. So your item should have everything to attract the buyer at first site.  To make your item aesthetically good enough you must have focused on following things.

Follow latest design trends:

You must follow latest design trends which are being used by others. If you don’t know what is hot in design market simply go to behance or dribble. You will find awesome fresh content posted by great designers few hours ago. You will be in love with most of those items. Try to follow those kind of trends in your item. e.g parallax is very hot these days.

 Typography must not be ignored:

Typography is key ingredient of a template of theme. Try use simple and attractive fonts for your item. Google fonts are very hot these days and provides elegant fonts for designs. Google fonts can be integrated in Photoshop so it becomes very easy to try different fonts for your design of item  and use which looks awesome for your theme.


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