Easy to Start with ThemifyCloud:

Its very easy to start with ThemifyCloud.com because whether you are a seller or buyer or even if you are part of our affiliate program.Its game of few clicks and you will be ready to do something awesome.

Secured product downloading:

ThemifyCloud provides the secure downloading of its digital products.After 24 hours link of downloaded product expires and if it is posted somewhere on public forum after one day it will be of no use.

Meet new customers:

Your product is approved by themifycloud team??Great,you will definitely have number of new customers.You will communicate with those customers directly which will increase your product and brands popularity.

Earn 70% on every sale:

You can earn 70% on each sale of your product.As compare to other marketplaces themifycloud is giving more share to the guys who really deserve it.

Build your brand:

If you are a seller then Its a great opportunity for you to build your own brand.Because every sellers/authors  awesome products are tagged under his account name.If that name successfully attracts huge number of people then it can become a great brand from nothing.

Unsaturated marketplace:

Your theme is awesome??But you have not earned a single penny from it due to rejection on other saturated marketplaces??Don’t worry you have landed to a marketplace which is not saturated.you have 110% chance to get your product approved if there is some thing in your product.