Due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarkets in some countries, many small,local businesses are unable compete. Some people think that closure of local business will bring about death of local communities. To what extent you agree or disagree?

Supermarkets including multinational franchise and chain stores are definitely a threat to local communities. There are several factors which are involved in this whole process. Growth of super markets marginalized the opportunities for small merchants and vendors. They put everything on one place with cheaper rates and spend a lot of money on marketing which ultimately help them to make more money by attracting more customer while a person running a local business with small investment cant afford all this. He can’t compare himself to supermarkets on any scale whether it is product or marketing. So ultimately a small businessman will hardly meet his expenses and he will think to quit it because he wont be making any profit. So without profit it will be difficult call for him to survive with that business.
With the emergence of capitalist economy based on the concept of consumerism in 20th century almost every small business is engulfed by big giants. In 1892 in USA there were 85% people who were running their own businesses which were acquired by big merchants by 1905. After that those bigger groups started creating their monopolies and force all those who were now their employees to work for 15-18 hours per day. In response to this there was huge outrage started against employers. In these riots hundreds of laborers were died. This is how bigger businesses created a chaos and made life like hell for smaller businesses.
These supermarkets who got billions of rupees they spend money for elections of hot favourite candidate and later on they force him to make policies which suits then best. This is how they create more space for themselves to grow bigger which ultimately decrease the probability of survival of a small business. They invest in almost every hot business from where they can multiply their capital. One example of this is company named kingdom of holding which contains almost 50 companies like ebay,twitter,city bank,fox news etc. under its cover.
Once fewer people get more control over larger chunk of economy space for small vendors got squeezed. They cant grow anymore because nothing would have been in their favour either its policy or circumstances created. If somehow someone gets boom by any reason his business will be acquired whose monopoly is being hindered. Ultimately bigger giants wont let anybody prosper there will be no middle class. This will increase the vacuum between upper class and lower class which will lead to disaster of an economy and a society.


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