ThemifyCloud is a marketplace where people from different categories stay involved  whether they are Designers,Developers,Bloggers or others. Every moment people come across different questions,those can be regarding buying or selling of products or it may be regarding affiliate program. ThemifyCloud support team is summarizing those frequently asked questions with answers in the form of user guide.  

For Everyone

Following is a list of questions which normally comes to every visitors mind like create an account,Sign in, support  etc.

How to create an account:

  • Click on Register button on top menu.
  • Provide your personal information.
  • A Verification Email will be sent to you.
  • Check your email an Activate your account.
  • Here you go with your New Account.

How to Sign in:

  • Click on the button of Sign in on top menu.
  • You can also Sign to ThemifyCloud using Social Logins.

How to change Settings of Account:

  • Sign in to
  • If you are logged in then you can see My Account button on top menu.Hover over that button.
  •  In drop down you will see settings button.Click on this button and you can change the settings.

How to give Feedback,Report Something or Submit Query:

How to join Affiliate Program:

  • Please click on button of Affiliate on top menu.
  • Register for Affiliate Program and you are part of our Affiliate Program.
  • You can check your complete details of sales and commission there as well.

Which payment methods are supported:

  • Currently ThemifyCloud is only supported by Paypal.
  • Other payment methods will also be available soooooon.

Which Currency is supported:

  • Currently ThemifyCloud is only supporting US Dollar(USD).

When Commisions/payments are Released:

  • ThemifyCloud releases the Commissions or payments on 25th of every month.
  • Minimum commission threshold for withdrawl is 150 USD.
  • Amounts will be transferred to your provided paypal accounts.

What is the Refund Policy of ThemifyCloud:

  • Items purchased from ThemifyCloud are non-tangible, digital goods.
  • Items purchased from ThemifyCloud are refundable within 10 days.
  • Because of the nature of the product there are very few instances where a refund is given.
  • If you have purchased an item and you feel it is not functioning properly or as advertised in what the item is capable of, please send us a support ticket and explain the issue in detail.
  • Also, be sure to name the item you’re having issues with as well as details to your problem.
  • From there, we’ll have a review process to determine if the item is not delivered as promised.
  • If we find the item to is not working, functioning or is corrupt, it will be fixed or a refund will be given at ThemifyCloud discretion.

I wnat to know about your Privacy Policy:

  • Here is our complete privacy policy with terms and conditions Privacy Policy.

For Sellers/Authors

Are you amazing in designing /development and want to sell your products??Surely you will have few questions regarding whole procedure, that’s why we are putting question/answer guide here which will help every seller.
Note: You want to know about Sign Up, Sign in or Contact support Team.Please Check “For Everyone FAQ’s” section.

How To Upload Product:

  • Sign in to and check top menu.
  • Hover over to My Account button.You will see a link of Author Dashboard in drop down.
  • Click on Author Dashboard. Now dashboard will be in front of you.
  • Click on Add Product tab.Fill all the required fields and click submit.
  • Now your product is submitted for Review.

How i will be informed about the Acceptance or Rejection of Submitted Product :

  • Review Team will send an email about approval or rejection of submitted product.

How much time review team will take:

  • Review team review your product and check it meets our standards or not.
  • Review team will take maximum 5 days for review.
  • Response will be sent by Review team through email.

What should i do if my product got rejected:

  •  Review team does not review products blindly.They got some standards to be met by product.
  • If your product get rejected,you have definitely missed some ingredient in your product.
  • Review team will send you feedback about your product through email.What you need to do is, consider that email seriously and revise your product according to feedback.
  • Submit your product after making revisions and there are more than 90% chances that your product will be approved.

Who will provide Support for Product:

  • Seller will provide support for product.
  • If support is below than average approval of product can lead to cancellation.

What Percentage i will get on each sale:

  • Commission: 70 % of each Sale.

When i will receive payment:

  • Accounts team will transfer your payments to you on 25th of every month via Paypal.
  • You do not have the option to withdraw it  yourself.

Can i update my product:

  •  Yes it is highly appreciated to update your products so that your product should be in the list of popular products.
  • Try to keep your product updated with latest trends.

For Buyers

You have landed to ThemifyCloud, the market place of elegant themes and you wanna buy some Product??we have prepared a guide and answers to questions which pings mostly to  buyers.

Note: You want to know about Sign UpSign in or Contact support Team.Please Check “For Everyone FAQ’s” section.

How to to download product:

  • login to
  • All main categories are displayed on main your desired category.
  • still you are unable to find product.please click on search bar field will pop-up.Search the product which you want.
  • Hover over the product and click on Add to Cart.Now you will be on checkout page.
  • If product is free you just need to provide the personal info otherwise you will have to enter your payment info as well.Click purchase and Download link will be available to you.Download link is also available in purchase history and emailed to buyers email as well.

What about product support:

  • Support of each product will be provided by its Seller/Author
  • If support is very poor you can report us on. Rocket Support

Which payment methods are supported:

  • Currently Paypal is supported.
  •  Soon we are launching other methods support as well.

Feedback to Seller:

  • Buyer can comment about seller/author and rate him as well.

How i can view Purchase History:

  • Sign in to
  • If you are logged in then you can see My Account button on top menu.Hover over that button.
  •  In drop down you will see Purchase History button.Click on this button and you can view purchase history.

Expiration of Download Link:

  • Download link is expired after 24 hours.

Money Back Guarantee :

  • ThemifyCloud sells digital products which are non-tangible.
  • So option of money back guarantee is available to only genuine cases.
  • Genuine Cases: Product lacks those features which are listed by Authors/Sellers or product has some issue and not functioning properly.
  • If you want to get your money back you need to contact Support team and explain your case to them.
  • Your case is Genuine or Not.It will be decided by our support team.

For Affiliates

You want to join ThemifyCloud’s Affiliate Programme and have questions regarding that.We are providing a guide for Affiliates and hope most of your questions will be answered.If  you are left with some.You can contact our support team.

Note: You want to know about Sign UpSign in or Contact support Team.Please Check “For Everyone FAQ’s” section.

Percentage on Each Sale:

  • 30 % of each Sale.

Where i can see all my sales and commissions:

  • Click on button of Affiliate Area on top menu.
  • Login to your Affiliate account and you can see all the details.

When i will receive payment:

  • Accounts team will transfer your payments to you on 25th of every month via Paypal.
  • Minimum commission threshold for withdrawl is 50 USD.
  • You do not have the option to withdraw it  yourself.