Kanahya is dead in Pakistan

Before I start telling things about Kanahya I would like to introduce him. He belongs to one of the backward states of India name bihar. Currently he is student of Phd in African studies at JNU(jawahar Lal Nehru University) Delhi and president of AISF(All India Student Fedration). I heard about him in a video speech where a girl was asking all the students to spread the word of unfair imprisonment of kanahya. This appeal ignited my curiosity to dig down the issue that what actually has happened. I started watching different videos and found that he was in jail due to the charges of sedition which were imposed because on 9th February which is death anniversary of Afzal guru they conducted some event and different anti national slogans were raised there. Though he was not present there but as a president of students union he was alleged and sent behind the bars with the charges of sedition under which people like bhagat singh were imprisoned and hanged later on.
Kanahya was released on bail on 6th march. When he came back to campus he delivered a fierce speech and anybody I must say everybody who listened that master piece was definitely mesmerized by it. It was very obvious that he is targeting Modi govt. his policies and he was talking about crippled class of society like untouchables, suicide of farmers , the way Modi govt. creates polarization in society on every issue, how they are distracting people from what they promised in their manifesto like everybody will get 15 lac in their account etc. he was roaring like an opposition leader might be more than that because he did not carry any kind of baggage of any kind as most of the opposition leaders does.
Sole purpose to tell the entire story was to give a glimpse to people of Pakistan that this is how things are working in different parts of the world and more precisely in our neighborhood. While at the same time in Pakistan this roaring voice is missing which we could label as opposition in its true essence. In Pakistan we can divide so called opposition into three different groups.
1) Opposition parties (PPP, PTI,others)
2) Electronic and print media (TV channels and News Papers)
3) Social Media Opposition

Opposition parties are not playing their role as effectively as they can. PPP faced not a huge resistance from PML(N) when they were in power(2008-2013). Now they are practicing similar stuff. PTI’s role apart from dharna period is almost similar to PPP because they came into government with slogan to make KPK a model province but they are unable to do so yet so they are busy there to make things better and prevent themselves from losing vote bank in KPK. Second reason of PTI’s not being a strong opposition is they don’t have good speakers except Imran Khan. People love to listen the analysis of asad umer but he is not a sort of personality who could attract masses. Other parties are in alliance with government whether they have announced like JUI (F) or not, like ANP.
Role of electronic and print media is generally considered as critique or opposition who remains always busy to bring scandals of ruling party in front of nation and journalists always claim that its their duty to report anything and everything happening around them whether it is something good or bad or whatever. Media houses also claims the similar motive. But we need to understand that these media houses are not trusts which are run by contributions from rich people. These are business running companies who are selling news so that they could get more advertisements and make more money. So to achieve this goal when they don’t find any news they make some. They are not loyal to this nation or society but to themselves only. Journalist gets news of someone blackmails him and gets the ultimate reward similar stuff happens to media houses and this thing became more evident during dharna days when GEO was constantly ignoring protest and arguing from ruling party’s side and ARY was doing otherwise. So they have no sympathies for people of Pakistan they just want to monetize their news and this exactly what they are doing. They are trash as trash so hoping from them being a positive opposition for us is like expecting a baby from a hijda(transgender).
Social media is such a platform where everybody can be vocal and post his views. This platform has provided chance to different celebrities like hamza ali abbasi to become critique of social issue who post their opinion and people listen to them and even argue with them. But these people are not so effective that they could mobilize people because these guys are not doing this thing purely for bringing change or betterment they just want more fan following and for admiration stuff also for which they could brag about. They don’t want to lose their fans so they wont post something their most fans wouldn’t like. So social media in our society is more for fun than a place which could be used as a strong voice against wrong policies, corruption and all core issues which are affecting life of a common man and our society overall.
There was a very good platform in good old days of Pakistan which used to attract young vibrant people who wanted to make our society progressive where everyone could get basic necessities without any hassle where everybody could get equivalent chances to prosper so and so forth. That platform is of student politics which was primarily damaged by political parties who made them more violent rather than making them more intellectuals and responsible persons and later on final nail in the coffin was hammered by Musharraf regime. So now if there is left any bit of student politics in Pakistan those are the groups of some violent lads who just know about destruction. We need to institutionalize student politics by putting some beautiful brains to it like JNU is doing. One wrong perception about student politics is that students get distracted from their studies. This is absolute nonsense and let me prove you by giving example of shehla rasheed who is topper of her class and vice president of AISF who mobilized people when their president got imprisoned and successfully rescued him. If she being a topper of class can manage all these things then anyone else with lower grades can easily participate. People like Bhagat singh were produced from this platform and now exactly the same platform has produced the kanahya kumar a true opposition leader and voice of a layman who always lashes the Modi government with strong arguments keeps on reminding his manifesto and criticize all wrong policies. Kanahya is dead in Pakistan and we need to bring him to life and only platform of student politics can do so. Let’s give Kanahya a life in Pakistan and help our nation be the greatest of all.


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