ThemifyCloud provides a great opportunity to make money through following   ways:

  1. Become An Author

           2. Join Affiliate  Program

Become an Author:

                                           Are you a creative  designer?? or devloper?? Cheers,you have landed on right spot. You can make hundreds of thousands of $$$$ here. What all you need to do is “Become an Author“. Just Signup to Themifycloud and you will have the authors account.You can access the Author Dashboard and submit your Innovation to the world of Design and themes.  Authors are of two types:

a. Exclusive Authors

          b. Non-Exclusive Authors

   a. Exclusive Authors: 

                             Exclusive authors are those ones who are selling their product only on ThemifyCloud  marketplace. This category of authors will 70% from each sale of their product.

   b. Non-Exclusive Authors: 

                                                      Those authors who are selling there product on multiple marketplaces are non-exclusive authors. This category of authors will also 70% from each sale of their product.

Join Affiliate Program:

                                                    If you are not a designer or a developer,still you need not to worry. You can join our Affiliate program and make $$$. You just need to signup to Affiliate Program and showcase our items on you website or blog etc. and you will get 30% commission on each sale.